The Second Time

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The Second Time

This is an account of my second experience of swinging with my wife Gwen. It will focus primarily on what I saw happen to her rather than me. Perhaps I will write later just about me and maybe Gwen will relate her side of the story someday. But for now, this is about her.

Our first swinging experience occurred several weeks ago after twenty-two years of marriage. It was an evening that was some time in the making and our choice of David and Gloria as ?/first-time/">first time? partners turned out to be spectacularly successful. They had been swinging for a few years and knew how to put us at ease.

We found each other through an adult web site and met several times before deciding to go ahead. Arrangements were made to meet at their house for drinks at 7:00pm. We arrived on time, both nervous but excited and after an hour and a couple of drinks, made our way to the bedroom. I found it very erotic to watch Gwen with David; a little shy and quiet at the start; she became totally uninhibited, moaning, vocalizing and climaxing as she was fucked in various positions.

Afterwards, on our way home, we discussed the evening and agreed it was a huge success and wanted to do it again. I told Gwen how much I like watching her suck David?s cock and being fucked by another man. She liked to watch me enjoy another woman and said David managed to hit all of her buttons and knew how to please her. She wanted him again, soon!

We kept in touch with our new-found friends via e-mail over the next few weeks and arranged to meet at their place again for our ?second time.? On Thursday, prior to or Saturday visit, David called to say that old friends from out of town were on a driving holiday and had asked if it was okay to visit. They were to arrive on Friday and stay until Tuesday. David and Gloria had swung with this couple several times and thought we would enjoy their company but understood if we declined since we were still beginners. I said I would discuss the matter with Gwen and get back to him.

Gwen listened and found the idea of an unknown couple exciting. If they are long-time friends of David and Gloria we reasoned, we should get along and of course there was no commitment to proceed if we, or they, felt uncomfortable. I called David and gave him the news. He was delighted and asked that Gwen bring something ?sexy? to change into.

David welcomed us at the door and steered us through to the kitchen where we met Christine and Rob. They were about 5 years younger than us but the /surprise/big-surprise/">big surprise was they were black. Christine was nicely built with /breasts/large-breasts/">large breasts with beautiful, rich brown skin that many Negroes have. Rob was much darker and looked /athletic/">athletic and strong. I glanced at Gwen and saw she was flushed with what I judged to be excitement. We had often discussed /interracial/interracial-sex/">interracial sex and found it to be erotic and wanted to experience it one day.
We sat around the kitchen table and got to know one another over a couple of glasses of wine, I chose rye.

Gloria suggested it was time for the girls to get changed. They made their way to the stairs where Gwen collected her overnight bag; I wondered what she had chosen to wear and the thought of what was about to happen had me rock hard.

The wives came down the stairs and into the kitchen. Gloria entered first dressed in red ? spike heels, stockings, thong and half-cup bra. Christine followed wearing white heels, stockings and garter belt with a tiny, see-through top that did nothing to hide her /tits/big-tits/">big tits and her naked pussy xxx sex video download free com looked very tempting. Then came Gwen; her slim body, alabaster skin and blonde hair contrasted by black stilettos and fishnet stockings held up by a little bustier and the tiniest of thongs that couldn?t completely hide her pubic hair, she looked ravishing. They paraded around the kitchen then stood side-by-side before turning around and bending over. My cock couldn?t be any harder as I leered at the three beautiful asses and legs. Some rehearsing must have taken place upstairs because they all moved a hand between their legs and rubbed their pussies. Turning around, they strolled over and sat on our laps; Christine with David, Gloria with me and Gwen with Rob. While I fondled Gloria I watched Gwen and Rob only a few feet away. He began mauling her tits then kissed them as she sexxxx video ful hd held his head close to her. She spread her legs over his lap and his hand explored between them. Gwen began to moan as he mouthed her tits and she lifted one leg to provide better access to her cunt. They both stood up and kissed, Rob?s hands squeezed my wife?s ass and pulled her tightly in to him. Gwen knelt down and unbuckled Rob?s pants; unzipped him and pulled them down, underwear and all. His cock sprang into view and Gwen stared at a long, thick, semi-hard nightstick as it twitched in front of her face. It was at least 11? long and when she took hold of it she couldn?t close her hand around its girth. She pulled his foreskin back exposing a huge knob and began slowly jerking it back and forth. Rob removed his shirt revealing his well-toned physique and Gwen licked around his knob then opened her mouth wide and sucked his dick.

Gloria was on her knees in front of my chair working on my cock and Christine was doing likewise to David when Rob lifted Gwen from her knees and took her over to the kitchen counter, his massive /erection/">erection swaying as he went. He helped her up onto it and she spread her legs allowing him to eat her with ease. David and Christine got up; she came and joined Gloria sucking my cock and David joined Gwen and Rob. He took a step stool and stood on it allowing Gwen to masturbate him as he fondled her tits. After a while David changed places with Rob and my wife stroked the giant black dick that I was eager to see fuck her.

Gwen whispered something to David and all three came over. David said they were off upstairs, Gwen wanted to be fucked and the bedroom offered more comfort. They walked to the stairs, my wife being groped on either side and I watched her lovely ass sway as she went up a few steps, stopped, spread her legs as far as the stairs would allow and bent over. David and Rob caressed her legs, squeezed, slapped and fingered her cunt and ass. Rob said how wet she was and asked if she was ready for a big, black dick. A quiet, ?Yes, oh yes,? was all she said. Rob positioned his cock next to Gwen?s pussy and rubbed and slapped her clit with it. I wanted to see this /huge/huge-cocks/huge-black-cock/">huge black cock enter my wife for the first time so I went over to the stairs. We were all crowded there as Rob eased his dick passed Gwen?s labia lips, forcing her wide apart. He was gentle, letting her adjust to his size as he gave her a bit at a time. There was about 8? in my wife when he withdrew a little and I saw her juices shining on his cock. At this point he quickened his pace and after a few more strokes Gwen had his entire length inside her. He withdrew almost all the way before plunging back in and Gwen squealed constantly with delight. After two or three minutes he pulled out and offered David her pussy, he gladly accepted and /wife/wife-fucking/fucked-my-wife/">fucked my wife for a few more minutes.

Rob suggested they go to the bedroom where Gwen could be fucked really deep and long. As we all moved upstairs Rob fingered her and she wanked him. Christine said to me that Rob was very long lasting and was particularly fond of slim, blonde, white /women/">women and hoped Gwen could take the pounding she was about to receive. I commented that she seemed fine so far and had always liked lengthy sex sessions, but never with a dick as huge as Rob?s.

Gwen lay on the bed with her head tilted backwards over the edge. Rob and David force fed her their cocks and mauled her /tits/pussy-tits/tits-and-pussy/">tits and pussy. The wet, slapping sounds as they fucked her with fingers was testament to her enjoyment and I felt unexpected proud that this very sexy woman being fucked so comprehensively, was my wife.

Rob got on the bed and tongued Gwen?s pussy then positioned his immense erection on her pussy lips. As before, he was careful to allow her to adjust to him and when she was ready, he began to drive his dick into her with long strokes. David held her legs back high and wide so Rob could sink his entire length into her with ease.

She had orgasm after orgasm and creamed so much it covered Rob?s cock and ran down onto the bed. It also served to lubricate and loosen her and Rob drilled into her harder as she screamed and panted for more. His /ejaculation/">ejaculation was loud, long and quite some time after I shot my load on to Christine and Gloria?s asses after fucking them side by side from behind next to Gwen. Rob withdrew his prick, glistening with cum and Gwen?s orgasms and I watched as the creampie developed. David got into position as Rob held Gwen?s legs and she sucked on still giant, semi-hard-on. David also gave my bride a vigorous fucking before sending another load into her.

Gwen was understandably exhausted after this intense workout that had lasted almost two hours. She lay on the bed with her legs apart, her pussy gaping and /cum/red-cum/covered-with-cum/">covered with cum. I couldn?t resist fingering her and found that despite the fucking she had received, her pussy back to normal size. Her hips began to gyrate and she asked Rob and David to kneel on either side of her so she could play with their cocks.