OuR fIrSt TiMe

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OuR fIrSt TiMe

That day i was wearing a miniskirt with a top that showed my nipples. My best friend, Gina, was coming over to watch a movie. While i fantasizing about Gina she called.

’ Christian just broke up with me, he said that he found someone else,’ she said. Her voice was cracking as if she was crying for hours. ’ can i still come over?’ she asked.

’ SURE!’ I said. I put my /toys/">toys away and made sure there was a movie in the dvd player. I didn't notice thaat i put my /lesbian/lesbian-porn/">lesbian porn movie in. I was in a rush to prepare for her arrival. a few moments later Gina knocked on the door. Gina knew i was a lesbian and i never had feeling for her until i get horny. her 36c breast that are round and her /ass/nice-ass/">nice ass with beautiful long legs. it was 7:37 when she knocked.

I opened the door and saw her in a tight jacket opened and inside was her body covered in a /tight/tight-top/">tight top and she wore tight skinny blowjob porn videos jeans. Gina and I were in our twenties and i was only a couple of months older than her. My pussy was getting wet and it was throbbing with milf porn videos the sight. I took her jacket and saw her round beautiful breast. I lead her to the couch forgetting i had a porn movie in the dvd player.

She got up and pressed play on the player. I pops up on 2 /women/">women finger fucking. Gina eyes opened and she looked at me and said ’ You like this...its hot.’ I opened my eyes in the amazement of Gina rubbing her hand up and down on her pussy. Something must of came over her because she pushed me down on the couch and gave me a passionate kiss. I kissed back. While we were kissing, I went under her shirt and was feeling those round breast she had.

’ you like them so much...wanna see them?’ She said in a seductive voice. Her voice was spineless. I wanted to rip her pants off and see her nice healthy pussy. She took my shirt off and my skirt. I unzipped her pants and she did the rest. We were both naked and our hands were roaming eachothers bodies. My nipples were now in her mouth and I loved it. ’ fuck me’ she said.

’oh you ’