Graduation in more ways the one

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Graduation in more ways the one

The alarm buzzed 6am waking me up from a particularly good dream. Staring at the time I had such a desire to smash it and go back to bed. However today was the last day of school. The very last day in fact. High school was coming to an end and I was thrilled. /college/">college was in a couple months but before that I was going to be spending the summer with his friends remodeling a home in town.

He and his four friends were gonna use the house as there home for school. But first he needed to graduate and be done with high school. My name by the way is Pete Lucas. I turned 18 last month and this is the story of probably the greatest day of my life.

After waking up I joined my sister and we went off to class. It was supposed to be a short day. The seniors were coming in to complete a walk through for the ceremony. When we got there a large amount of the class had already headed off to the /gym/">gym. My sister joined her friends when I saw the door open and out she walked. 5-10 long brown hair, tan brown skin and lips as red as an apple.

She was my English lit /teacher/">teacher Mrs. Hines. She had been my first homeroom teacher when I was a freshmen and since that point I had a hard on every time I looked at her. today was no different as she sauntered down towards me. My imagination has always been something of a distraction so in moments like this well I wish I was sitting behind a desk.

Mrs. Hines was wearing a smart black dress. It had a slit that allowed her legs to be shown in the wind. She wore a scarf around her neck. She reminded Pete a lot of susan lucci. The first older woman I had a massive hard on for. Dont get me wrong I did all right with girls my own age but something about mature woman always seemed to stoke the embers if you know what I mean.

"Your late Mr. Lucas. Last day of class and you still show up late," she joked.
"Sorry Mrs. Hines I ran into some traffic on the way over."
"What are you going to do when your in college?" she asked.
?Come up with much better excuses?? I joked

Mrs. Hines laughed putting her hand on my shoulder. Her touch was like electricity.

I could feel my blood pressure just rise from her hand.
?So what?s this I hear you and the other geniuses getting a house to rent.?
?Yea we figured why not. It would help especially if we don?t want to do anything that on campus might get us kicked out of school.?
?You guys are to much.?

She turned to walk away and I couldn?t help myself watching her legs. You see there was something more about Mrs. Hines. While she was insanely sexy she was also really fun to have as a teacher. If only there was a remote chance of something happening I?d have jumped her in a new york minute. But as you may have caught me say Mrs. She is in fact a married woman. I never met the husband but she has mentioned him several times in a condescending tone. It stuck with me but not as some perv but more as a friend. I really did want good things for her. The senior class was gathered in the gym.

It was as I said a short day so we went through what was supposed to be our /graduation/">graduation ceremony. I was barely paying attention we already knew what we were going to do so listening to the principal talk didn?t interest me. Later I met up with my four friend all of whom wanted to get smashed tonight before graduation. I wanted to work on the house. I told them I?d met up with them later. I went over to my car when I saw Mrs. Hines heading for her car. She was In a hurry carrying her briefcase and on her phone. Even in a hurry Mrs. Hines seemed to carry herself with so much confidence and power. I felt an urge to run over and try something now that it was all over. But I knew it would be pointless. Mrs. Hines then dropped her briefcase spreading her papers all over.

I jogged over to help when I got with in ear shot I heard her letting out a small cry.
?Mrs. Hines??
She turned around wiping her face.
?Pete hey whats going on??
?You ok I saw your papers fall??
?Yea I was being foolish. My mind must be somewhere else.?

She turned back and started getting her papers into a pile. I knelt down to help and heard a cry again. I reached over and put my hand on top of hers.
?What happened??
?Oh Pete its just another go around for this thing between me and Mr. Hines. It was coming for a while now.?
?Look I was just heading over to the house to do some work why don?t you come along? You can vent while I work on my vents.?

Mrs. Hines laughs at that which made feel good. We both stood up and I handed over the papers I picked up. She gave me this coy smile putting her hand on my chest.
?Its ok,? she said tearing up.
?I think Im just going to go home and drink a glass of wine. Big day tomorrow.?

I took her hands into mine. I got her to look into my eyes.
?You know I?m your friend as well. I hate seeing you like this.?
?Your such a sweetie. God I wish I met you a long time ago and before,?
?Before what,?
?You know..?

Our eyes met again. I couldn?t help myself so I moved in and kissed her on her lips. I expected her to either pull back or smack me out right. But to my incredible /surprise/">surprise she reached around cupping the back of my head. Her xxx tongue met mine and they seemed to intertwine. She started to lean back against her car allowing me a to place my hands around her back squeezing her ass. Suddenly a door opened behind us startling us. It was the principal coming out to light his cigarette. Mrs. Hines pulled away and got into her car. Without saying a word she drove off leaving me fully and painfully erect and very confused as to what just happened.

I got into my car and felt her lipstick smeared onto my lips. My mind raced with the idea that I had just made out with Mrs. Hines. The was also a what if racing there with what might have happened had the principal not walked out. I drove away and headed right for the house. I knew I needed to lose myself in my work to try and shake it off. But as I started sawing what would be my bedroom door to fit in the space the thought of her lips made me slip and cut my finger. A few curse words angry swears later and I went back to work. Throughout the day I tried to not hurt myself again. But the kiss really messed me up. Night came I wanted to get some first aid then go meet the guys. I went to a 7-11 but as I entered I ran into Mrs. Hines running out.

?Oh my god hi,? she said surprised.
?Sorry I was just??
We both tried to laugh but there was to much tension.
?I? we both said.
?Mrs. Hines Im sorry I shouldn?t have done that. I was just concerned and look I am sorry.?
?Pete its me who was at fault. I was the teacher and I definitely shouldn?t have done that at the school.?

?It was a mistake on both our parts we just?.?
?Wait don?t that at the school?what does that mean??
Mrs. Hines laughs taking a step away from the store door.
?It meant allot to have someone treat me with respect and you have done that ever since you sat in my classroom. If that was going to happen it shouldn?t have been there.?
?That?s why you drove off like that.?
?Well yea you didn?t think were going to fuck right there in the school parking lot.?

My mouth, eyes and mind just went totally blank hearing that.
?But what about on it will come to me. Your husband.?
?You without asking helped me pick up my papers and consoled me. Bastard hasn?t done that in years. Anyway figure your do a graduation gift.?

My head was spinning now. The kind you get from either a roller coaster or drinking to much. Mrs. Hines surprised me by pulling me around the building away from the cars.
?I live around here you know. So im guessing your summer house is here as well. You invited me earlier over. Care to show it off again.?

She took my hand and we walked over to my car. We said nothing as we drove towards the house. When I pulled up and parked in the drive way she got out first looking over the front of the house. I watched her examining the building. She was still wearing the black dress from earlier. Her lips looked so red in the night and her hair was blowing. I felt conflicted but then I reminded myself this was what I wanted for so long. I got out and walked up behind her.
?it?s a beautiful home. You and your friends are so lucky to be on your own. I porn videos download hope you keep in touch.?
?I think I can do that.?

I took her softly by the waist. I leaned in kissing her neck. I could feel her enjoying it. She took my hands moving them up to her chest. My cock got so hard pushing out into my pants. Her hands gripped it.
?Lets take a look inside.?
I was wordless as she led me to the door. Inside we walked past the ladders and construction material on the ground.
?Lots of potential.?

I nodded in agreement. We walked toward the living room where I had a couch. She looked down at my cock and licked her lips in excitement. She got down on her knees and unzipped my pants. I undid my belt pushing my pants down. Like an anaconda it came out. Mrs. Hines took it with both hands and the electricity I felt before from just her hands on my arm was nothing compared to her holding my cock. She pulled it out stroke it like a pro which just felt amazing.
?You are in for the night of your life.?

She took in my monster and man it was just exhilarating. Her lips made every ounce of me ooze from my cock and I could feel myself about to explode. She stroked and sucked my monster. I put my hands on the back of her head to push her further down and she started to gag. Her hands then roamed to my chest pushing my shirt up. I pulled my shirt off. She started standing up kissing my chest as she rose. We kissed again . I pulled her back and we fell onto the couch.

While kissing I unzipped her dress and started pulling it off. She leaned up and straddled me just sitting on my cock. She smiled coyly just tracing my chest with her finger. She then pulled down her dress revealing no bra. Her breasts were absolutely amazing. I leaned forward and started to kiss her breasts licking and nibbling her tits. They hardened like stone . We both exhaled feeling her naked bodies intertwining.
?I want you inside?..I want you inside me NOW.?

I moved her around on the couch so that she was facing me. On my knees I pulled the rest of my clothes off. She kissed me while I pulled her dress off. Her pink panties were so wet as I touched them. I didn?t feel like pulling them off so I ripped them off. I started lick her clit.?

Her cum tasted like honey dripping like honey from a bee hive it was exhilarating. I moved forward and slowly moved my cock inside her. I started pounding her hard. She screamed yes so loud but it didn?t matter we were alone. Her legs wrapped around my ass holding me in place. We did this a for a few more minutes.
?I want to ride that cock.?

I smiled and pulled out. My cock was dripping with cum which like a starving child she jumped on, I laid on the couch allowing her to suck me off. She sat on my cock and we started riding. The sound of my cock going into her clit was so loud. I could feel her having an orgasm and it lasted so long.

We continued all through the night fucking in every square of the house. The next morning she left before I had a chance to see her. Graduation came and I was wondering how I would move forward. I walked across the stage and saw my family cheer. Afterwards while having my picture taken Mrs. Hines walked up to my parents. My face dropped seeing that.. I walked over and to my relief they were talking about next year with my sister.

?Hey Pete Mrs. Hines was just saying she looked forward to seeing your sister in your old homeroom.?
?Yes go figure.?
?I was also saying I was almost late this morning. See I had to drive my husband to the airport he is away on ?business.?
Her face smiled and I knew what it meant.

?Mrs. Hines you were so good with Pete maybe the two of you can continue to work together while your in college,? said my mom.
?Yea Pete but in college I expect more with college work. That means a lot of late nights.?
My head lets just say never stopped spinning that summer