Fantasy Party

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Fantasy Party

This story comes from a dear friend?s EX-fiance. He was asked to comply with his ex?s wishes and post his story for all to read. Here is what he had to say:

My name is Sean. I am twenty-three year old white dude with a shameful story to tell. My tale begins a couple of months ago as my fiancee, Sarah, and I were preparing our wedding plans. Sarah is five years younger than me and, as a result, pretty na?ve. She is the sexiest girl I have ever met, but she has only been with myself and one other guy. There is no question about her ability to get a man, her slender body, full breasts, /adorable/">adorable butt, and long blonde hair can capture any man?s heart. She doesn?t think twice about her short shorts and cropped T-shirts, and she never understands why all of the guys drool over her. I guess I was lucky when it came to her aloofness to other men. That is until she had her fantasy.

One night she and I were lying in bed making plans for the wedding. We wound up discussing all of the things that we would be giving up. Obviously my four nights a week out with the guys would come to a halt. We soon found ourselves talking about what we would miss most about being single. This topic led to the /crazy/">crazy notion of granting one another a final fantasy to end our pre-marital woes. We stayed up late exchanging thoughts about what we would do if we were allowed to do anything before we tied the knot. We covered old relationships and ridiculous whims. We joked and carried on for hours! Finally we started to talk seriously.

I cleared my throat and silently collected my thoughts for a moment before I spoke. Sarah listened attentively from her side of the bed. I often fantasized about a close friend of hers named Cheryl. Sarah knew of my lust to an extent but I dared not express the intensity of it with her. Cheryl is a maximum knock out. She?s a tall Italian goddess with light olive skin and deep blue eyes. She has such a perfect body that it would make any successful swimsuit model give up their career. Her dark hair just flows over her shoulders like medusa ready to lure any bewitched man into her clutches. However, every time I spoke of her, Sarah would laugh and inform me time and time again that Cheryl only dated black guys. It seems that white guys like myself are just not her cup of tea.

I cleared my throat once again as Sarah worked to control her amusement with my ill-fated desires. I informed her that although my lusts may never be realized with Cheryl, my fantasies might be. Sarah raised her brow to understand my point. I decided to lay it on the line. My fantasy was to see Sarah and Cheryl naked together. After all, if I can?t see her with me, I may as well see her with someone else! Sarah stopped and bit her lip considering the idea. She agreed that it had a nice ring to it. I was anxious to win her over so I quickly reminded her that she could fulfill any fantasy she wanted just to be fair. She sat up and confidently gave my desire the stamp of approval. Little did I know the severity of her fantasy.

Sarah brushed her hair over her shoulder and leaned back onto the bed. Her fantasy would require a little more nerve from me. For it seems that her desires would involve a male stranger and another friend. The first thing that came to mind was her lack of experience. If anyone disserved to have one last sexual relationship before her wedding day it would be Sarah. I thought of seeing Sarah and Cheryl?s naked body and quickly agreed to let Sarah have her wish. What did I care if they brought a male stranger along? I would never see him again, but the sight of Cheryl?s nude body would forever burn in my mind. She giddily clapped her hands and giggled with excitement. I just smiled and fell asleep dreaming of Cheryl?s hot body.

The next day started like any other. I ate my breakfast, gave my fiancee a goodbye kiss, and left for work. My day took an interesting twist at noon when I called home to see how things were. Sarah informed me that Cheryl was there and anxious to fulfill my fantasy. I couldn?t believe it! I beamed the rest of the day as I hurried to get my reports done. I worked so fast that I was able to leave two hours early. I called home from the car and told the girls I was on my way.

When I walked into the apartment I was a surprised to find so many more girls! Sarah had invited over some of her best friends as well as some new ones from work to take part in her fantasy. I was only expecting her to indulge me with Cheryl but she brought over an additional six more! I wasn?t about to crash the party by complaining, besides these girls were hot! I stepped into the living room where Sara and Cheryl had a beer waiting for me. I was so glad that Sarah invited her. It?s a real disappointment not being able to have her for myself but white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie at least I could see her naked with Sarah.

Two more of Sarah?s friends came into the room and approached me with a long piece of twine. I was a little perplexed by what they were holding until Sarah informed me of a little alteration to her fantasy. It seems that somewhere between our original talk and now, she acquired the desire to have me bound to a chair. I was a little apprehensive at first until the girls agreed to give me some extra slack around my wrists and groin area ?for jerking purposes. As soon as I Okayed her new proposal, Courtney, Cheryl, and Jenny went to work undressing me. In minutes I was completely naked down to my socks and sporting a well-deserved erection. A couple more of Sarah?s friends named Amy and Melissa began tying me to the dining room chair.

In no time at all I was tied up and ready to enjoy the show. That?s when Sarah dropped the bomb. She reminded me of her fantasy and how I hastily agreed to let her arrange it. She paraded around the room as she outlined the details of her fantasy. She informed everyone that her perfect male stranger was on his way to the apartment, and so was another friend? a male friend! It seems that in my own reckless way I approved for her a male stranger and another friend, but she never specified what sex the other friend was going to be! That is when Cheryl strutted up next to me and asked if I was ready to meet her two big black boyfriends. Before I could answer or protest the doorbell rang. The seven girls darted to the door as I sat tied to the chair. I was stunned to see two very intimidating African-/american/american-men/">american men step into the living room.

Some quick pleasantries were exchanged as the men made themselves comfortable on the couch. The girls nestled up close to them and flirted like a pack of love struck sex kittens! Flirting led to kissing and kissing led to stripping as the group of girls helped their black men out of their clothes. Melissa, Courtney, Amy, Jenny, Stacy, Sarah, and Cheryl unbuttoned, unzipped, and unsnapped every layer of garb the two men had on until they stood proudly before the hungry white females completely nude. The muscular black man with the goatee was named Andre. He strutted around the room as the girls ogled over his sturdy nine and a half inch dick. The other black man was taller and his name was Derrick. When Derrick?s pants were pulled down the girls went wild. According to Cheryl, once Derrick?s /dick/thick-dick/thick-black-dick/">thick black dick is fully erect, it will reach an impressive eleven inches!

I would be lying to you if I were to say that I was not completely jealous as I watched the seven gorgeous girls eagerly gather around the two well endowed black men. What could I do? I was bound, helpless, to the chair. When I agreed to my fiancee?s wish I never dreamed that it would turn out like this! Courtney, Sarah, Stacy, and Melissa collected themselves with Andre while Amy, Cheryl, and Jenny grouped up with Derrick. They each fondled their long black dicks with such joy as I anxiously peered on, my tingling white penis in hand. To the girls I was a long forgotten bystander; to the two ebony studs I was an object of total humiliation. They smirked at me and mocked me as the girls ran their hands up and down their hard, black bodies. My heart sank deeper and deeper as I listened to my Sarah and the others praise their new African lovers.

As humiliated as I was I could not help but tug on my dick. Sarah and Courtney were racing the tongues across Andre?s torso while Melissa held his enormous cock, playfully slapping it against Stacy?s gaping mouth. Amy and Jenny were busy licking the heavy round cheeks of Derrick?s dark jungle ass as Cheryl passionately kissed his lips and caressed his heavy hanging pole. The group carried on for nearly forty-five minutes before, one by one, the girls began taking off their clothes.

Always up for adventure, Courtney was the first to start undressing. Her skirt fell to the floor as she slowly unbuttoned her top. She sported a sexy pink thong that, I swear, caused Andre?s cock to grow another inch. She tossed her shirt aside and kicked off her flip-flops before reaching around to unsnap her lacy bra. Soon her breasts fell out for all to see! Sarah was willing to speed things along so she assisted Melissa in peeling off Courtney?s panties. All the while, Stacy sucked Andre?s ultra-stiff nine and a half-inch dick.

Next were Jenny, Amy, and Cheryl. The three girls teased Derrick as they helped each other strip. Taking advantage of the three girl?s busy hands, Sarah and Melissa quickly moved in on Derrick. They took turns swapping his throbbing eleven-inch dick back and forth from one mouth to another. One by one, Jenny, Amy, and Cheryl shed their clothes. Amy?s long red hair contrasted sharply with her soft ivory shoulders. Jenny, the adorable girl-next-door, stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv tossed her long blonde braids back over her shoulders to reveal her large shimming breasts. Cheryl, the sultry Italian goddess, who was now wearing absolutely nothing but her ankle bracelet, stepped up to take control of Derrick once again. She hastily snatched his cock from Melissa?s mouth and pressed it to her small, bubbly ass. Derrick maneuvered his /ebony/thick-ebony/">thick ebony cock until it lay nestled between the soft cheeks of her tanned butt. His lips took a scenic tour of her neck and shoulders while he groped her boobs. Cheryl waited no time as she guided his free hand towards her pussy. There he ran his fingers through the velvety soft brown hairs of her snatch until they found their way into her cunt. Cheryl moaned as she helped lead Derrick?s long black fingers in and out of her hungry pussy.

Sarah and Melissa quickly reunited with Andre, Courtney and Stacy. Courtney and Stacy were already naked and busy kissing and caressing Andre?s powerful black body. Seeing that they were the only ones still dressed, Sarah and Melissa decided that it was their turn to strip. Melissa removed her tight jean shorts and pulled off her T-shirt. Her soft round breasts and natural /blonde/blonde-pussy/">blonde pussy were just the things to make Andre?s smile a little wider. She pressed her skin to his and took her turn stroking his /hard/hard-dick/">hard dick. Sarah kicked off her shoes and unbuttoned her shirt to reveal one of my loose fitting tank tops; sometimes he liked to wear them instead of a bra. Her lightly tanned nipples peaked through the worn cotton. Melissa continued to jerk Andre?s cock as Stacy and Courtney took turns sucking its head. Sarah was anxious to get in on the fun. She took Andre?s penis from the girls and caressed it with both hands. Andre?s fingers moved into the sides of her tank top where they squeezed her shimming boobs. Carefully Courtney stuffed Andre?s long black dick into the crotch of Sarah?s panties. She positioned the head directly on her pussy. Melissa and Stacy encouraged her to fuck him. Sarah smiled nervously and then pushed her hips towards her dark skinned lover.