Good clean fun

Published March 17, 2024 tag category
Good clean fun

Sophie was fed up. She'd woken up horny from a dream she couldn't quite remember, and then her husband had to rush off to work before he could help relieve her frustration. And now the people delivering her new washing machine were 2 hours late. She just wanted them to drop it off, fit it and leave so she could settle down with a selection of sexy pics on her laptop and her wandering fingers for company.

Finally there was a ring at the door and she got up to answer. When she opened the door she started to cheer up immediately. The guy was a hunk in jeans and a white t-shirt. She let him in and showed him where the utility room was. While he went out to get the machine out of the van, she put the kettle on. "Tea?" she asked, as he passed through the kitchen with her new washer on a trolley. He accepted her offer and went into the utility room to connect the machine up. It didn't take him long, and by the time tea was brewed he was finished.

Sophie drank his body in with her eyes. She would certainly be fantasising about him later, as her fingers teased between her legs.

As he drank his tea she caught him staring at her, and she realised that in her state of arousal her nipples must be poking through the thin material of her . She only had and so rarely wore a bra around the house. She blushed and instinctively put her hands up to cover both of her breasts. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to embarrass you" he said "But it's not often in this job that I get to meet who look as good as you". This did nothing to help with her blushing, but she lowered her hands and smiled at him "No point in covering up now, you've already seen what's to see".

"Maybe" he said, with a smile and a wink. Sophie felt very unsure of herself now. She had a very high sex drive, but usually took care of it in the privacy of her own home using her fingers and her imagination. Now here was this fit flirting with her, and she was enjoying it. She knew very well that she should put a stop to things right there and then, tell him she had things to do, show him out the door, and then finger her till she came. That's what she knew she should do, but it's not what she did.

Instead she moved to stand inches in front of him and said "What more would you like to see?" She actually struggled to get the words out over the lump in her throat, she felt so nervous. But at the same time she could feel herself getting very damp between her legs.

Instead of answering, he looked her straight in the eye, reached down and got hold of the hem of her top, easing it up over her body and eventually her upstretched arms. She gulped, her mouth suddenly very dry, as he looked her up and down. He exuded an air of confidence which she found almost as much of a turn on as the way he looked. Without speaking her lowered his head and took each of her breasts in his mouth in turns, teasing her nipples with his teeth and tongue. Her breathing was becoming very heavy now, as he kissed his way up from her breasts, via her throat and neck to finally find her waiting mouth with his. She responded passionately to his kiss, and threw her arms around his neck as he grabbed her buttocks and pressed her against his the hardening bulge in his jeans.

His hands worked busily, easing her skirt up over the curve of her hips, until he was groping her naked flesh as she real forced anal against her will ground her hips against him. As he moved his hands to undo her skirt her hands were busying themselves with the belt of his jeans. As her skirt fell to the floor, she kicked it to one side, her fingers working at the zip on his jeans. As she undid his waistband she pulled his t-shirt up and over his head, then slowly ran her fingers down over his muscular chest, and abs. Her mouth followed the route traced by her fingers, and she heard his intake of breath as her tongue ran down over his six pack.

She was now kissing the bare flesh she had exposed by undoing his jeans, and she kept her mouth busy here, while her hands pulled them down to his ankles. Not even waiting for him to take them off, she crouched in front of him and softly kissed the end of his cock, before opening her mouth and taking in as much of his length as possible. She grabbed his thigh with one hand for balance, and let the other hand slide inside her panties to caress her clit, lubricating it with the wetness of her pussy. As her moved back and forwards without ever losing the suction she was applying to his straining cock she slid her xnxxv sunny leone video fingers inside her, the heel of her hand rubbing her clit, while she fucked herself with two fingers.

It wasn't long before she felt herself building to a , and as she tensed with her orgasm, she felt his cock twitch in her mouth as he started to come. As he started to spurt, he pulled out her mouth and wanked furiously, She had never seen so much cum as he spurted over her face and tits. As he finally stopped coming she smiled naughtily up at him and scooped some his spunk up with her fingers before putting them in her mouth and licking them clean.

She felt so good she didn't even mind that he was already pulling his jeans up and making excuses for having to go. She wasn't sure which of them had used the other, but she didn't care, and by the time he was driving his van down the road, she was laid on her bed, her fingers once more working away between her legs while she used her other hand to play with her nipples. As she experienced her second orgasm in 10 minutes, she pondered on how the day hadn't turned out so badly after all.