Charlies Place

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Charlies Place

Charlie's Place isn't the kind of bar a man would take his girlfriend. It's the kind of
place a man goes to when he wants to relax and drink unbothered by the world. Charlie's
is an unpretentious place most would call it a dump. Carl's the owner, Charlie was the
previous owner and Carl never bothered to change it's name. Carl was like that there were
allot of things he didn't bother to do. Like sweep the unfinished rough wood floor. The
dirt was exponentially growing in the cracks. The men's room had also fallen to Carl's
neglect, it was so /bad/">bad that most customers stopped using it they just went out back and
peed on a tree. At least out there you didn't have to hold your breath to take a whiz.

It was a boring night, no sports on TV and Mark hadn't had a date in months. He
wasn't in the mood to hunt women tonight though. He was in kind of a funk. It happened
to him every now and then, just wasn't interested in the chase. Sandy his last companion
had left him a little bitter and he still wasn't over it. It had only been four months so he
figured he didn't need to worry yet. Soon he would be back to his old self out there
prowling for pussy with hopes of finding someone special along the way. He wandered
into Charlie's that night for something to do. He figured he would shoot a little pool with
the guys, it would help relive his funky mood. He was glad to see Fred and Tom there that
gave him a little competition on the pool table to look forward to. He didn't consider Fred
and Tom to be friends just guys he seen at the bar now and then. He tolerated their
company only when he was in this sort of mood.

Mark thought of them as losers. They /hung/">hung out at Charlie's every weekend never going anywhere else. They were construction
workers who drank their pay every week. However, they seemed content with their fate.
Never had a worry. That's why Mark tolerated their company. None of that usual bull shit
with others guys who were always either whining that their woman was treating them bad
or bragging about what a hot one they had last night.

After Mark slung down a Coors light (after all he didn't want to get a beer gut like
most men his age) Fred challenged him to a game. As Fred racked them up, Carrie walked
back to the pool tables. She was one of the few females that frequented Charlie's. Mark
wouldn't call her a woman even though she was definitely a member of the female race
there was nothing feminine about Carrie. She was treated as just one of the guys. Mark
broke and sank a solid. He shot a gain and sank another. His mood was starting to lift. He
almost ran the table if it wasn't for that one near miss it would have been a perfect game.
Fred didn't stand a chance tonight. Beer and pool that's what Mark needed tonight.

The second game hadn't gone nearly as well. Fred seemed to have found his grove
just as Mark lost his. It came down to Fred and the eight ball. He called the side pocket. It
was an easy shot. Mark knew he had lost and turned to pickup his beer. Fred whistled and
Mark figured it was over. He was dumb founded when he turned to see the eight ball still
on the table and Fred staring towards the bar. He followed Fred's stare and quickly
understood. Standing at the bar was a /brunette/">brunette. /women/real-women/">real women didn't visit Charlie's so she
caused quite a stir. Tom was lucky enough to be sitting at the bar directly across from
where she stood. As she leaned her elbows on the bar to speak to Carl he got a peek at her
cleavage and he was satisfied with that. Never would he have imagined getting more.

Everyone was astonished when she ordered a drink they had figured that she was lost and
just came in to get directions and that she would take one look around and get out as soon
as possible. Carl rinsed a glass to serve the lady, they were dusty from lack of use. This
was a no frills bottle and can place. But he knew that women of her class liked to drink
from a glass. Carl popped the top on her bottle of bud and slowly poured it in the glass.
She picked up her glass and turned around to survey the occupants of the bar. As
she turned Mark could make out the outline of her breasts through her white silky blouse.
They were just as he liked small and perky. He meet her gaze as she looked toward the
pool tables. He liked her big brown eyes and pink plump lips. She started to walk towards
him. That's when he noticed her long tan legs beneath the brown leather mini skirt. He
could feel a bulge forming in his pants. His mood had definitely changed now. All of a
sudden he was hot for pussy.

She walked right up to him and asked if he was interested in
a game. Boy was he ever. However, he would have to settle for a game of pool. She
racked them up quick. He could tell she was no stranger to the game. He broke and didn't
sink a single ball. He was having trouble concentrating on the game right from the start.
But, when she bent over the table to make a long shot and he caught a glimpse of her
naked pussy, all was lost. She beat him bad. He only sank one ball. When the humiliation
was over she gave him a consolation kiss on the cheek. Then she whispered in his ear that
she had always had a /fantasy/">fantasy about doing it on a pool table in a bar full of men and she
thought that tonight would be a good time to fulfill this fantasy. She asked if he would
mind helping her with this. In response, he put his hand up her blouse to feel her /nipples/hard-nipples/">hard nipples.

Everyone was looking as he raised her onto the pool table. Her blouse was half
unbuttoned and exposing one small white breast. He pushed up her skirt and revealed her
neatly trimmed pussy. Mark started licking without wasting a second. He too had always
wanted to have sex in a public place. He just couldn't believe his luck to be picked by this
gorgeous young thing to fill her fantasy. This couldn't be real. The /sweet/">sweet taste of her
pussy in his mouth seemed quite real though. She motioned Fred to come over and asked
if he would play with her tits for her. Happily he squeezed her breasts and teased her
nipples erect. She was so excited to be doing this in public that her pussy was dripping
wet. Mark parted her lips and gently flicked her clit with his tongue. She arched her back
and moaned in delight.

By now everyone had gathered in the pool room to watch. Some of the men had
their pants down and were stroking their stiff dicks. She slid down off free porn movies download the pool table and
bent over the side. She told Mark that she was ready to be fucked and he better be hard or
there seemed to be several other guys ready to take his place. He quickly dropped his
pants to the floor revealing his rock hard eight inch cock. He slid in to her juicy cunt and
started banging away.
Carrie stood across from the pool table. She was getting into this just as much as
all the men were. She had her hand down her unzipped shorts and was rubbing away at her
pussy. When the brunette noticed Carrie fingering herself she said bitch get over here and
I'll take care of that for you. With that Carrie pulled her shorts off and climbed onto the
pool table. She wiggled till she got her crotch positioned within mouths reach for the
brunette. The brunette reached out with her tongue and gently ran her tongue up and
down Carrie's swollen clit. The brunette teased her with just flicks of her tongue. Carrrie's
pelvis began to slowly undulate. Her pussy wanted more and tried to follow the brunette's
tongue. The brunette said ”bitch spread your legs if you want a good licking”. Carrie
immediately complied and the brunette began licking with more pressure.

The brunette licked up and down her clit. Occasionally she took Carrie's clit into her mouth. She would
suck and nibble on it like a /hard/hard-dick/">hard dick. Carrie's pussy was dripping wet and the slurping of
pussy juice could be heard. Slowly the brunette raised her head from Carrie's pussy and
smiled. ”I bet you haven't been licked from hole to hole!” Carrie could barely wisper. ”No
I havent”. With that the brunette spread Carrie's legs even further apart and upwards to
expose Carrie's pretty /hole/ass-hole/">ass hole. The brunette flicked her tongue around the hole and
finally gave it a nice long lick Carrie was in heaven now. She had never dreamed this could
feel so good. Just as she was enjoying her ass being licked, the brunette slid her tongue
slowly up towards her clit. She did this slowly at first...back and forth from hole to clit. As
Carrie fondled her own breasts and pulled at her nipples, the brunette began licking faster
and with more pressure. ”You like your ass licked don't you bitch!” Carrie said, ”Oh yes,
please, please keep licking me.” Carrie moaned as the brunette brought waves of pleasure
to her body. Carrie had never been licked and sucked like this before. Only a female would
know how to bring this level of pleasure to Carrie. Mark grew even more excited and
started pounding her harder from behind. She began licking Carrie more intensely and
Carrie was bucking just as if she was being fucked too. Now the guys were looking at
Carrie as a woman not as another one of the guys. Tom came over and started playing
with Carrie's nipples. He was squeezing and pulling on them, while he stroked his hard
cock. The brunette told Tom she wanted him to squirt his cum all over the bitches face
and then she told all the guys come squirt in my bitches mouth. She wants to eat all of
your cum. The guys were more then happy to comply.

There was ten guys standing around Carrie stroking their hard dicks. Carrie opened her mouth and caught the cum as
quick as the guys were shooting it out. Many of the guys had bad aim and the cum was
landing all over Carrie's face. The ones who couldn't get close enough to her mouth shot
on her /boobs/big-boobs/">big boobs. The brunette reached up and was rubbing the cum all full hd xvideo download over Carrie's tits.
Mark couldn't hold back any longer he shot deep into her. It seemed to last
forever. When she could feel Mark coming she shoved her tongue deep into Carrie's pussy
and Carrie let out a load moan, with that she started moaning herself. Mark's last few
thrusts threw her over the edge. Carrie and her were both moaning oh God oh God. Mark
was spent and he pulled out.

Everyone had come and all were very satisfied. The men put their dicks back in
their pants and ordered another beer. Several went out back to pee. The girls put
themselves back together and walked out the door together. Neither was ever seen at
Charlie's Place again. However, the guys kept coming back hoping that someday the girls
would show up again.